Residence permit

According to the permit term, Ukraine has of the two types of residence permits:
1. Temporary residence permit and
2. Permanent residence permit

Temporary and permanent residence permits grant citizens of Ukraine all citizenís rights except for the right to vote. Accordingly, foreigners may stay on the territory of Ukraine on legitimate grounds and without being subject to any restrictions, obtain other countriesí tourist visas at respective consulates in Ukraine, open bank accounts with Ukrainian banks, and register transport vehicles in their name. A permanent residence permit also empowers the person to work in Ukraine without applying for any additional permission.

A temporary residence permit is available to foreigners who work in Ukraine and have a work permit as well as to their family members.

Such permit is issued on the basis of a work permit for up to one year. It is extended whenever a work permit is extended. This does not require the foreigner to reopen the visa. A residence permit cannot be obtained without a work permit and the D type visa, unless otherwise provided by laws of Ukraine or international treaties. An application for extension should be filed no later than 10 days prior to the expiration a residence permit.

Also, a temporary residence permit is issued to foreigners who are married to Ukrainian citizens at the time the marriage is consummated. After two years of marriage a foreign spouse is issued a permanent residence permit.

A permanent residence permit is granted to foreigners on grounds stipulated by the laws of Ukraine:
- by virtue of origin (born in Ukraine)
- by virtue of being related to a citizen of Ukraine (brothers, sisters, grandparents, children, parents)
- by virtue of marriage (married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years)
- on account of an officially registered investment of at least 100 thousands euro in the Ukrainian economy
- due to previous Ukraineís citizen status.