Legal entity registration

Registration of legal entities:
• selection of a unique company name based on data available in the Uniform State Register of Ukraine (starting from 01.07.2004 company registration under an existing name is not allowed) - unlimited service.
• preparation and notarization of necessary documents;
• preparation of documents to open a temporary bank account (in case the authorized capital is paid in cash);
• state registration of companies (with the state registrar based in the local public administration);
• obtaining a certificate from the Statistics Department (confirming that company data have been entered in the State Register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine);
• registration with tax authorities;
• compulsory registration with four funds (the pension fund, the employment, the social insurance against occupational accidents, and the temporary disability insurance the fund);
• obtaining permission to make a seal;
• seal production;

1) At the time of company registration the position of Director may only be held by a citizen of Ukraine, no accountant is required. In the future, should the founders wish that the post of company director be occupied by a foreigner, it is necessary to obtain a work permit.
2) company place of business ("legal address") may be located in the real estate owned or leased by the company founder. The specific type of documents required to confirm the company place of business depends on the situation. If you lack documents confirming company place of business we will assist you to find one in the respective area (the so-called "legal address") subject to payment of an extra fee.

The attendance of the client or his representative is required
• at the notary’s office when signing documents - founders (or their representatives);
• when a bank account is opened - Director (and other persons mentioned in the bank card);
• all other actions are performed by proxy

Registration of changes to founding documents in Ukraine, the following changes need to be recorded:
• registration of simple changes in the founding documents
• increase in the authorized fund (capital)
• registration of changes in the company founders composition
• other services related to the registration of companies in Kiev (reorganization, name change of, "transfer" to another area, etc.)
• replacement of company director
• EDRPOU codes change (certificates from the Statistics Ministry)